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There are many types of printed material which are used in textile sector. we manufacture espacially textile products paper packages , offdet printed or flexo printed.  The paper type use in these type of  packaging  boxes  350gsm american bristol paper or as called 350gsm american bristol carton . we could manufacture pvc windowed paper boxes or  cellohane windowed carton boxes, Those type are generally usen tissue boxes, or some thype of underwear boxes, or donot boxes or  windowed caked boxes.



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Tetrahedrons and other shapes are available. Cartons with a hexagonal or octagonal cross sections are sometimes used for specialty items.
Folding cartons made of microflute corrugated fiberboardCartons can be made from many materials: paperboard, various plastics, or a composite. Some are "food grade" for direct contact with foods. Many cartons are made out of a single piece of paperboard. Depending on the need, this paperboard can be waxed or coated with polyethylene to form a moisture barrier. This may serve to contain a liquid product or keep a powder dry.


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