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IEC-MARKI is the Printing and  paper and corrugated box packaging manufacturing  company in istanbul  Turkey.  For about 20 years experience in printig sector serving  with Roland  4 color printing machine, lamination machines,Emboss machine,Bobst die cut machine etc.  The facility area is about 700 m2. So far we manufactured millions of boxes which are used in different products of companies. So please do not hasitate to contact us for more details and prices for your product boxes.

To get best the price for your  boxes in  shortest time, please provide the information below:

1. Box picture (closed and open)
2. Box paper grammage
3.Box sizes
4.Printing picture on the boxes and printing sizes
5.Dead line
6. Quantity of boxes

If you could give the obove information, we could give you the wholesale prices in a short time for your products boxes.

In genaral, small quantities could be sent bey DHL, TNT or UPS cargo companies to you, but in bulk  big quantities we send boxes in pallets by container 20`` or 40`` or by truck.

We have got some clients in european countries, asian countries and african countries.

Please do not hasitate to send your inquiries please send your mail to

cell phone: +90-541-3112121(Mr.Yusuf)
company phone: +90212-
551 20 59

skype: fullprinting

Some box types which we manufacture:
perfume, food, shoe box models





Some box cutting types:

Hand formed shaplock bottom with tuck top
Regular slotted container (RSC)
overlap slotted (osc) pol
Tube style box(seal or tuck end)
Oe-Piece folder (1pf)
Six corner tray
Half slotted box with cover (HSC)
Full-bottom lockbottom
Shell or tube
Dull overlap slotted
Four corner tray
Full Telescope half slotted box (FTHS)

Box cutting types

For detailed information and  manufacturing your carton boxes and  prices
Please fill the contact form. 

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 Fax: +90-212-671 30 50 
Gsm: +90-541-311 21 21 (WHATSAPP)
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skype: fullprinting




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General information:
Types of cartons
Folding cartons type
A carton is the kind of  packaging  espacially suitable for food products , pharmaceuticals products, hardware, or and many other types of products. Folding cartons are generally combined into a tube at the manufacturer companies  and shipped  transpored as flat (knocked down) to the packager. Tray styles have a solid bottom and are often  generally shipped as flat blanks and assembled by the packager. Some also are self-erecting. High-speed equipment is available to set up, load, and close the cartons.

Aseptic carton types
These types of Cartons  are used generally for liquids can be fabricated from laminates of liquid packaging board, foil, and polyethylene.The  Most are based on either   systems. One option is to have the printed laminate supplied on a roll. The carton is cut, scorred, and formed at the packager. A second option is to have the pre-assembled tubes delivered to the packager for completion and filling. These are suited for aseptic processing and are used for milk, soup, juice, jam, ayran. yougurt, etc.

Gable top
Gable top carton of cream Gable top cartons are often used for liquid products such as milk, juice, etc. These used polyethylene-coated liquid packaging board and sometimes a foil laminate. Most are opened by pushing open the gables at the top back and pulling the top (spout) out. Some have fitments to assist in opening and pouring the contents.

Some boxes for different kinds of  manufacturing sectors: Food sector, textile sector, Perfume  manufacturers, shoes companies,  Pizza producers, clothing manufacturers, underwear manufacturing companies, Pasta packages or any other paper packaging solutions  to improve your products quality.

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